Our Annual Taunton River Tide Calendar



The TRWA publishes an annual calendar with the local Taunton River Tides.

The calendar, featuring wildlife and scenery within the Taunton River Watershed, is comprised of work from local photographers.

Calendars are available for $20 at TRWA’s Watershed Center at Sweets Knoll State Park beginning November 4th.  Please call ahead at 508-828-1101 for times when the Center will be open.  A limited number of calendars will be available for a discounted price of $15 at the TRWA’s Annual Meeting on November 12th at Bristol County Agricultural High School from 4PM-7PM. 

You can also order calendars online with $10 of the cost going directly to the TRWA.

To view and order our TIDE calendar, follow this link: http://www.calendarlink.org/trwa/home.html.

Want to customize our TRWA calendar?  Would you like it to start in, say, June, or be printed with the tide data from another NOAA tide station, or printed without any tide data? Click this link for detailed instructions on how to order a custom calendar. how_to_order_online     

A list of the 2023 photographers can be found here




Bruce Spooner Education Center Programs

Freshwater Mussel Fauna of Massachusetts –
America’s Most Endangered Group of Organisms with Jay Cordeiro

Saturday, February 11th at 1pm, Somerset Library

Join Jay Cordeiro, a wildlife biologist with the Massachusetts Audubon Society and Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences at Bridgewater State University, for an eye opening discussion about mussels. With 70% of species at risk of extinction, the United States is home to one of the most endangered groups of organisms in the world-  North American freshwater mussels.  This presentation will look at the natural history of these fascinating creatures often overlooked as uncharismatic. Threats, trends, and conservation efforts will be outlined in the scope of their distribution throughout Massachusetts. The presentation will include a show and tell of species found within the Taunton River Watershed and efforts to conserve them.  Past and present uses of mussels as sources for food, pearls and the pearl button industry, will also be explored.



With 30 years of experience in rare species conservation, environmental protection, and natural history museum curation, Jay is committed to public awareness of the threat of global biodiversity decline; particularly those uncharismatic organisms (i.e. critters without faces) often overlooked in conservation. He is also fascinated with the history of science and art as related to modern taxonomy.






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Test Announcement

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Diamondback Terrapin Study

terrapin_study_02The TRWA is pleased to announce it will be funding a technician to formally investigate the Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemy terrapin) population of Assonet Bay located in Southern Massachusetts. This population and its nesting beach have been documented for several years, but no rigorous studies have been conducted to determine and record the abundance, sex ratio, or age structure of this population. Such a study would provide crucial information for conservation and management of this, and other populations of state threatened species. The goal of this study will be to provide a comprehensive research report that can be shared with conservation partners and set up the

terrapin_studybasis for long term study of survivorship and site fidelity. The study will involve the use of floated hoop traps, which were used successfully in the 2015 Allens Pond (Westport) terrapin survey. Diamond Back Terrapins are found along the east coast and are Massachusett’s only brackish water turtle species. They are listed as threatened on the State’s Natural Heritage Endangered Species list. Watch our site for more information on this study