• TRWA Sampling Volunteers Score Another Complete Data Set For May - The TRWA Sampling Volunteers collected another complete data set from all 19 monitoring locations in May.  The results to date for 2017 as well as last year’s results may be found on the Water Quality Monitoring tab.  

    Spring due to cold water and high flows generally is the time of year with the highest water quality.  In May the rivers exceeded the nitrate level of concern by a small amount at three locations and a more significant amount at the Matfield River location.  The fact that high flows didn’t cause bacteria problems is very good news reflecting favorably on … Continue reading

  • TRWA Monthly Volunteer Sampling Began April 11th -

    On Tuesday April 11th TRWA began the 2017 sampling season. Almost 30 trained volunteers sampled all 19 watershed sampling locations. Despite seasonal high flows and dilution we found elevated nitrogen levels at seven locations in April although levels were substantially lower than the peaks measured during last summer’s drought.  To see our sampling results for 2017 and 2016 click on the Water Quality Monitoring tab at the top of the home page and then the picture of the sample bottles.

    The Taunton River carries a high percentage of treated wastewater during the summer. Water quality and aquatic life diversity has … Continue reading

Watershed News

Watershed News

  • Enjoy One of the TRWA Upcoming Events -

    Don’t forget to visit the What’s Happening – Events section of the website to see the information on upcoming events and urge friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues who you think might be interested to do the same:

    • Music in the Grove – Sunday, May 28th, 2-5 at Boyden Refuge;
    • Overnight Canoe/Kayak Trip – June 10-11 (or either day as a single day trip);
    • Angler Education / Family Fishing Day – Sunday, July 16th at Dighton Rock State Park;
    • Annual Watershed Photography Contest – Submission deadline is July 15th (see rules and application on website).
  • Register for the June 10 and 11 Wild and Scenic River Run -

    Don’t forget to plan for and participate in the June 10 and 11 Wild and Scenic River Run Canoe and Kayak trip. Participate in both days and the overnight camp out at the historic Camp Titicut Reservation on Beech St in Bridgewater or either day.  For more information see the events section of the website or click on the event flyer.

Tides in Fall River:

To get the time of HIGH tide in Taunton add approximately 45 minutes to the high tide times listed below. For the time of LOW tide in Taunton add 2 hours and 15 minutes to the time of low tide listed below.

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