What We Do at TRWA

Voice For The Watershed

TRWA works to protect and restore water quality in the watershed. A team of trained volunteers conducts monthly water quality monitoring at 20 sites in the watershed from March to November. Results are tested at the Veolia Water Treatment Plant in Taunton. We hope to expand the number of test sites in the future. Data collected in this program strengthens our ability to provide comments to the Environmental Protection Agency on draft discharge permits for wastewater treatment plants to insure that harmful levels of nitrogen and other pollutants in the river and its tributaries will be reduced.

TRWA works to protect and restore streamflow in the watershed. We monitor applications for increases in groundwater withdrawals that may lead to dried-up streams, and we promote water conservation and recharge in local communities. We recently participated in a project to assess barriers to aquatic passage (such as blocked culverts) throughout the watershed, and we served as consultant to Mass Audubon to research and write a report summarizing the project’s findings. We advocate for and support communities’ efforts to repair or replace failing crossing structures.

TRWA works to protect and restore wetlands, floodplains and wildlife habitat in the watershed. We review and comment on new construction that has potential impacts to wetlands and wildlife habitat, especially to habitat of rare species. We advocate for avoidance of impacts where possible, and adequate mitigation where impacts cannot be avoided. We also work with local boards to adopt zoning rules and guidelines that include land conservation requirements in permits for new development, and to raise awareness that protection of wetlands, floodplains and buffer zones provides critical resilience to flooding and storm damage that is expected to worsen with sea level rise and more intense rainfall caused by climate change.

Help People Connect To The River And The Watershed’s Natural Resources.

TRWA sponsors outdoor trips and other events that provide opportunities for residents and visitors to experience and enjoy the outstanding and irreplaceable natural resources in southeastern Massachusetts. Annual events include:

Music in the Grove: Generally held in May.  Check the calendar for details.

Canoe/Kayak Trips. We offer canoe/kayak trips on varying rivers running from April through October. There will be some challenging rivers and some lazy rivers so everyone can enjoy a trip or two over the season. Call the office at 508-828-1101 for further information.

Angler Education/Family Fishing Day: Generally held in July. Check the calendar for details. This day is a family event where people learn more about the river and how to enjoy its many benefits. Mass Wildlife provides instruction in fishing techniques and the day includes seining in the river to identify its inhabitants.

Annual Watershed Photography Contest. Submission deadline is July 31. Winning photographs of the watershed’s special natural areas and resources are featured in the Annual Taunton River Tide Calendar printed in September.

Provide Information To The Public About The Values Of The River And Watershed.

TRWA conducts its Annual Meeting, open to the public in late October or early November. The meeting includes reports on the year’s activities and issues of concern as well as opportunities for public involvement. In addition TRWA uses its website to increase interaction with TRWA members and the public to share information about watershed news and ongoing events.

TRWA annually publishes a Taunton River Tide Calendar that includes breathtaking photography of watershed scenes as well as daily tide information. We also participate in community fairs and other events, such as the Bristol County Agricultural High School Spring Expo and the Middleborough Herring Run Festival at Oliver Mill State park.

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