Our Annual Taunton River Tide Calendar

The TRWA publishes a calendar with the local Taunton River Tides. It features the local photography of our past photography contest winners.   Please call our offices at 508-828-1101 for more information. 

You can also order copies of the calendar online, print on demand for $19.99 +$4 shipping & handling. Of that cost, $10 goes directly to the TRWA.

To view and order our TIDE calendar, follow this link: http://www.calendarlink.org/trwa/home.html.

Want to customize our TRWA calendar?  Would you like it to start in, say, June, or be printed with the tide data from another NOAA tide station? Click this link for detailed instructions on how to order a custom calendar. how_to_order_online_flier

The list of winners and preview images can be found at this link.


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