Paddling the Mattapoisett River

A bit of quickwater on the Mattapoisett

What a beautiful day we had May 12th on the Mattapoisett River. It reached a gorgeous 70 degrees after rain overnight. Flowers and ferns were popping up everywhere. We even saw an Oriole! And, we met a few people who were practicing for the River Run on Memorial Day in their homemade wooden boats.

Twelve paddlers came to enjoy a very narrow river that had so many twists and turns it really challenged your skills. And, towards the end was a surprise stretch of quick water. (Leaders don’t give those secrets away!) Many were hesitant approaching it but once a few brave souls went down everyone joined in and had a blast going through. We’ll be back next week to pick up where we left off and head down to Route 6 in Mattapoisett.