Report Wildlife Habitat Destruction Not Involving a Wetland, Stream, or Riverfront Area

Areas not near these water resource areas may or may not be under the jurisdiction of a governmental authority. There are four potential areas of regulation:

  1. Local Development Approvals
  2. Local bylaws limiting clear cutting, soil removal, and the like
  3. EPA and/or local permits for clearing sites over 1 acre not covered by Conservation Commission
  4. State rare and endangered species locations

The opportunities for rare species protection are based on the Massachusetts Priority Habitat system. The state maps are available on line.

If the site is within one of the mapped polygons, the location is assumed to offer habitat for one or more state listed rare-species. In this case, you should contact the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program and report your concerns.

To learn more about protection of rare and endangered native species of plants and animals, visit the NHESP website, which now provides an on-line reporting system as well as downloadable forms to report sightings. If you need assistance, you may email or telephone Natural Heritage from this page.

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