Volunteer of the Month – Carol Traverse

Carol Traverse is TRWA’s lynchpin.
She is the volunteer office manager. She has been with TRWA for fifteen years, and she is the person everyone turns to answer questions. “Carol, what do you think?” “Carol, do you remember when……?” “Carol, do you know what we did with…………?” And she either knows the answer or, in her patient way, helps to find it.She is quiet about her work and her achievements. There is no plaque above her desk to show that she received the Arthur Cleveland Bent Award from the Taunton Conservation Commission for her long-term contributions to environmental work. TRWA is not her only volunteer work. She has also spent 25 years as the treasurer of Friends of the Boyden.

You will learn from others that she is the glue that holds TRWA together. And how highly her judgement is valued. Our board and volunteers say it the best:

From Jen O’Keefe:
Carol likes to get things done! She cares about the environment and the community we live in, and you will find she has made this small corner of the world a better place in her steady, quiet, understated way. She volunteered for 4H, she worked for the City of Taunton. She still continues to volunteer for the Friends of Boyden and still continues to volunteer at the TRWA even after her paid position was eliminated. Her accumulated experience running events for the public and for kids is a tremendous asset to the TRWA.

A hidden talent I discovered eleven years ago when I started volunteering with the TRWA and came up with this crazy idea of a photo contest is that she has an impeccable eye for a good photograph. Carol has been a mainstay of our volunteer effort with the calendar contest. 

Ms. Terrapin, the TRWA office mascot, adores her.

And Carol cares deeply about her family and she’s a great friend.”

From Steve Silva:
Carol is the institutional memory for the Taunton River Watershed Alliance. When an issue or question arises, Carol is always one of the first to weigh in with valuable information and insight.

She does an outstanding job managing our office and records, keeping the operation on track. She is a stalwart champion for the environment using her time and talent to advance TRWA’s environmental protection efforts and promote responsible stewardship of our precious and irreplaceable water resources.”

From Craig Heffernan:
Carol does the hard work behind the scenes that’s often overlooked. She is very patient, knowledgeable and experienced about the issues facing the watershed. She is a determined volunteer and helps to keep the office, emails and books up to date. TRWA is fortunate to have her as a board member.”

Monica Bentley, board member and director of the kayaking program:
I always come away learning something new when I talk with Carol. She’s always got the answers whether it’s about something that happened years ago, who did what or anything to do with the office.”

Joe Callahan, board member and past president:
Carol is a tremendous asset to TRWA and continues to do incredible voluntary work for the organization since she’s joined the Board.”

Nancy Durfee, TRWA board member:
It is an honor to recognize Carol as the TRWA October 2020 Volunteer of the Month. Volunteers are the heart and soul of TRWA, and she has delivered countless hours of dedication to TRWA.

What a great example Carol has been. A true leader, with a “can do” attitude, a team spirit, and the willingness to go above-and-beyond.”

Dick Shafer, treasurer and past president:
We were delighted that Carol agreed to become the TRWA Office Manager part time after she retired from working for the City. She continues to be the “glue” of our growing grassroots organization, now operating from our new office at Sweets Knoll State Park!”

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